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If it feels like your winter holidays are simply the same each year and you’re stuck in a rut, it’s time to do something different. Perhaps a change of location would be a good idea, but should you opt for a snowy mountain village with a nice Christmas market or for a sunny and exotic island destination?

1. A cruise

Many people find it fun to go on Christmas or xmas cruises – just look these up and you will find a plethora of interesting destinations and information, that it will be enough to spark a desire within you. It doesn’t have to be the big ferry voyage in the Caribbean.

These enjoyable xmas cruises can have various themes and can be as economical or glamorous as you want them to be. In addition, you may look for the desired length – a short river cruise or a long one at sea, counting many places to visit along the shore. 

2. A castle visit

Castles are fascinating places where fantasy reigns supreme. They are the perfect settings for fairytales and who wouldn’t want to sample that at Christmas time? You get to enjoy a wonderful escape, usually in a splendid environment, as well as a dose of history or glamor, plus the magical atmosphere. You’ve probably been dreaming of this since childhood. Give it a go, almost any country has its castles.

3. A complete change of setting

By this we mean trying to experience the feast in a place that is hardly connected to it. Nowadays, most countries have adopted parts of the Christmas atmosphere – the lights, the fir trees… The major touristic cities compete in creating a charming festive atmosphere. This year, you could sample this, let’s say, in Dubai or in the Far East or in any non-Christian country that you like, to see how others have perceived and rendered it.

4. Opt for altitude

Take a common winter trip idea and make it more extreme. Go to a ski resort but don’t stop there. Explore more and climb higher mountains. Find a lovely isolated chalet, somewhere as far as you can go. The thrill of it will be great. You will experience stunning views, incredible amounts of snow and genuine tranquility, not to mention that the chalet itself should be lovely. Turn this winter break into an amazing adventure and don’t be afraid to go a little extreme.

You can make your next Christmas radically different, yet this doesn’t mean you have to take the feast out of it. You can still have the best of everything, as you enjoy a new and thrilling experience far from home – or maybe not so far.