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Is There More To Comedy Shows Than Merely A Laughing Therapy?

Tickets to standup Comedy shows aren’t cheap, and the fact that you’re going to pay a few bucks to just sit back and laugh when you can do that by looking at your life can get you pondering, if it’s really worth the pay. But despite the fact that there’s enough of Youtubers bombarding our phones with the funniest videos, and helping us procrastinate in the name of getting a break, we’re still seeing a surging popularity in standup comedy shows, and an increase in the number of people attending them and I think it’s because there’s more to it, than just a laughing therapy where you’re escaping life to lay back and laugh. Read below to explore the various health benefits you could get by going to such a show.

Relieves Muscles

Getting yourself drilled with 9-5 desk job can get exhausting, not only for you but for your muscles too. When you attend a standup comedy show, and laugh out loud, even if the comedian sounds lame as the guy who creeps in to Instagram DMs, dropping cliché pickup lines, the laughter, will elevate the oxygen circulation and thus relieve the tension built up in your muscles. The effects can actually stay for more than an hour after the show, hence proving to be a fun and fruitful way to release muscle tension.

Boosts The Immune System

When winter rolls by, we’re sick swallowing pills and sipping home remedies. But along with them, binge watching a standup comedy shows can actually help fight the bacteria. According to some research, laughter may boost the immune system, and when you’re surrounded by good vibes attracting positive thoughts and feelings, along with the laughter that’s released, infection fighting antibodies are too released helping you fight infection and stay healthy.

Builds Relationships

Think about it, asking your partner out on a date to the beach or bar, can be cliché, boring and sometimes simply an awkward disaster, but taking them to a place where everyone’s present just to drown in a pool of happiness and they share smile and loosen up, setting a completely laid back environment. Going to a comedy theatre with your friends or family would be the perfect way to spend time with the people you adore sharing the laughter, and getting to know each other’s taste in humor.

Modulates Blood Sugar

Whether you’re inheriting it from the genes or its due to the excessive consumption of sugar, diabetics can be a serious sickness, a real pain in the body. With a recent research carried out, and as absurd as it sounds, researchers concluded that laughing everyday can be beneficial to diabetes, and it was also indicated that individuals who showed up at comic show, and spent their time laughing at a professional comedian had healthier blood sugar levels than those who switched to an alternative. Why take pills when you can drive diabetes by simply laughing out like you’re retarded?